Wiley Corning

About Me

I'm a software engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from New College of Florida. My research has focused on the theory and practice of machine learning.

I am passionate about writing good code to meet concrete needs, discover new information and make beautiful things. Anything worth doing takes hard work and solid planning, and I bring this commitment to my work and life.

My Experience

Studies in both pure and applied math at a rigorous college program. Completion of original research in an undergratuate thesis.

Working with mathematics has helped me to become a better problem-solver, and to pursue efficient and elegant solutions to complex tasks.

Work in over a dozen programming languages, including Python, Java, R, SQL and C.

I have completed projects in a diverse set of fields, from data analysis to web development, network programming and image processing.

Employment in both research and corporate settings as part of an active team of developers.

Communication is critical to success in a group environment, and I pride myself on being able to work with others while producing quality code.